Monday, January 18, 2016

five things I'd tell my new writer self

Heh. That's easy.

1) read more and read a variety of genres. You do yourself no favors getting pigeon holed.

2) Write every day. No excuses, time out for medical emergencies and deaths in the family.

3) Finish the damned book. Edit it when you are done. All you are doing is losing momentum.

4)  If you can't write, edit and plot. When you are done writing, move on to the next project. When you are done with THAT, go back and edit the first project. Time = fresh perspective.

5) Stop being your own worst enemy. Finish the project. EVERYONE has self doubts. oh, and ignore the reviews. They'll eat you alive.

6) Trust me. You got this.


  1. Heh - interesting how similar ours are. :-)

  2. It's like you two have writing figured out or something...

    Your list made me smile, Jim. Short, to the point, and almost as if you are pointing in my face and sending me back to the computer. ;)