Friday, October 30, 2015

When the Powers of Tech Fail

This slightly grainy photo is the full moon on Puget Sound. The lights just below center are dock lights. In the spirit of our topic for this week: When the powers of tech fail us - the dot of light off to the right of the moon? Yeah. No clue. It did not exist as an actual thing in the night sky.

The logical portion of my brain says 'lens reflection'. But it's All Hallows and that suggests something -- other.

Long way of saying that I lurvs me my technology. Use the 'compare documents' feature when your dev edits come in and you'll find out just how labor (and angst) saving all the bells and whistles can be. Until. Something unexpected (like my phantom light above) happens. Hard drives crash. Graphics cards melt. Gremlins enter into the spirit of the machine and wreck havoc by corrupting files. To guard against encroaching chaos what do we do? Pile on more tech! Personally, I rejoice when I find  another cool way to work on stuff I want to work on no matter where I am.

But my biggest technofail at the moment? Weeeell, I may have had a hand in naming this week's topic when I *may* have used a bit of NSFW language about Facebook not working properly. It is FB that is my current nemesis. It's supposed to be an easy thing to autopost a blog to FB. So I set it up. And not a damned thing happened. No posts. Nothing. Troubleshooting done. Nada. I'm beginning to take it personally.

To soothe myself, I naturally do what any internet addict does. I look at cat photos. Speaking of which, happy National Cat Day. Which is different from every other day, how?

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