Monday, May 25, 2015

I'm sorry, I keep thinking of the movie TED.

Ted, the movie, is about a talking child's teddy bear that comes to life and grows with his owner. And their many, often perverse misadventures. It's written for anyone whose mind refuses to leave the gutter. I watched it with two of my siblings. My brother and I enjoyed it, but we equally enjoyed my sister's outraged squawks of indignation.

I laughed myself silly.

But apparently TED talks, this week's subject, is about Technology, Entertainment and Designed, converged. 

I have never even considered giving a TED talk. I did;t know what one was.

What would I talk about?

Not giving up. Not looking to others for your success. Not looking AT others as the guidepost for you success.

I would talk about "I wish I had to the time to write a novel."

I would talk about "I've got a great idea for a story. You could write it and we could share the profits." and why, exactly, that is a gigantic, heaping pile of horse dung.

I would talk about the differences between professionalism and stalking. They are many, they are varied, and they look nothing alike, and yet, there are buffoons out there who confuse them all the time.

I would talk about deadlines and how to keep them (and what to do when you fail to do so).

I would talk about the difference between real professional rates and "for the love" rates.

I would talk about whether or not going to college to learn how to write is a good idea.

I would talk about the business of writing versus the actual act of writing.

I would talk about the uses of conventions.

I would talk about form rejections and how to handle them like an adult.

In short, I would talk about being a writer.

And maybe I'd throw in something about forthcoming projects, like the now recurring episodes of my podcast talkshow with Christopher Golden and Jonathan Maberry, THREE GUYS WITH BEARDS or about my latest short story coming out in Innsmouth Nightmares, edited by Lois Gresh and coming out from PS Publications. Just because I love pretty artwork, I'll show you some of that to go with the anthology.

And I'd probably close by asking you to remember those who served this country so very well and often with their lives this Memorial Day. Because, really, we should remember our heroes, not just the occasional athlete. 

James A. Moore


  1. Ted... *snort*

    Some things in life you simply have to be in the right frame of mind for and I would guess a TED talk would fall into that as well as watching Ted. ;)