Monday, April 27, 2015

Your Public Persona: Do You Need One?

Do I need a public persona?

Do I need a different look/style/personality to reflect what it is that i want to sell?


I'm me. I have my opinions, my language set, my worldview, my experiences and my common sense. So far they've gotten me pretty far. I don't change the way I dress in public, though, to be fair, I might switch it up from the sweats and shorts I wear when I'm writing.

My personality is amiable enough. My mother taught me a few important rules that I try to stick with: Be honest. Be kind. Be mindful of your manners. Take no guff and make sure you look out for anyone getting victimized.

So far that's done me pretty well.

One other piece of advice I always try to remember makes all the difference in the world. "The wisest person at the party is the one who keeps his mouth shut." That doesn't mean don't talk, by the way. It means be aware of what you're saying and don't spread nastiness.

Look, I drink very little and I tend to engage my brain before I speak, especially in public forums. That's as far as I'm going by way a persona. I'd rather be accepted was me than sell a few books being someone else.

Mind you, I'd still like to sell a few books, so I'll just have to keep writing them.

James A. Moore


  1. A lack of social graces is the greatest hinderance to success. It is sad that so many people don't realize this or forget and let anger and poor manners get the better of them.

  2. I am often amazed by how many people fail to understand the difference between "honey" and "vinegar."