Tuesday, March 17, 2015

With A Lot of Writing and Bit of Luck...

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Whether it's Luck, Karma, Good Fortune, or a big ol' hug from the Powers That Be, I am a believer. I also believe that the Universe guarantees nothing and is quite selective--even a wee bit mischievous--in what it offers. Whether or not we are able to avail ourselves of unexpected opportunities depends wholly on us as individuals. 


It's what Jeffe and James said: if I don't work towards my goals--if I don't apply myself to all that I want to achieve--I'll never succeed. No amount of luck will set me on the Best Seller list if I haven't written the book. No matter how large my audiences are on social media (they're not, I assure you), no one can buy a book I haven't written. Most importantly, I am the only one who can write my book, so I damn well better do it.

Luck is the dance partner of Timing

Now, for all the work I did/do, certain types of success are wholly dependent on others. That, in large part, is out of my hands. That's where Luck comes in to play, especially when timing is involved. "Timing was everything," or "She had the envious mix of talent and timing." We all know the sayings. Why was EL James more of a success than the thousands of other erotica authors publishing equally--if not more so--titillating and provocative works?  Everyone has an opinion, but the fact is, most of her success was due to events beyond her control and even her awareness.  That's the Universe in motion. Luck in action. Good Fortune placing her story in front of the right eyes at the right time.

Rituals, Totems, & Charms While Writing

Do I use supernatural pieces or practices when I'm writing? Kind of.  I'm a creature of habit. I have a routine. Break that routine and everything goes to crap--my mood, my focus, my creative spark, my ability to properly engage with people, any chance of sitting still--my day becomes chaos. Is my routine a ritual? Ritual implies some sort of religious connection. Based on the number of times I scream, "Gods, get me through this damn scene!" ... one might construe my routines as rituals. Maybe.

As for totems or charms, I do use objects to focus my mind--assuming my routine hasn't gaframmersized. Usually a stone with some sort of texture. The activity of kneading it is a signal to my brain that it's time to set aside the distractions. With stone in hand, I concentrate on what needs my attention--usually the next scene/chapter I need to write, sometimes it's a plot tangle. Do I expect that rock to magically kick out 5k words a day? Uhm, no. Dudes, it's just a rock. Getting the words on the page is on me...and my ability to stop farting around on the Web.

So, yes, I believe the key to success is hard work and good luck.  And if anyone is going to cast the first stone...it won't be me. I needs my stone, precious, needs it I does.

...even if it's the Blarney Stone.

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