Saturday, January 3, 2015

Three Things I'll Change in 2015 WritingWise

1880's Victorian Trade Card
(Is writingwise a word? I guess it is now!)

I meant to announce this here first but kinda jumped the gun by mentioning it over on Here Be Magic on New Year's Day ("Janus Had It Right") but.....drum of March 1st, I'll be a full time author.

No more Day Job. Of course that means no more day job paychecks either but I'm taking that risk to live the Dream and it's all thanks to the Readers. I'm SO grateful my stories have found a receptive audience!!!!! (Yes, that does merit five exclamation points IMHO.)

The second thing I've discussed before, about writing a series, but since the last time I mentioned it here, I've had not one but two full-fledged series ideas pop into my head, both science fiction with lots of adventure and romance. Hopefully, if I can stay off the internet for longer periods of time, I can do all that lovely writing in 2015 I'm fantasizing about...I made a ton of notes on each idea and even started doing a bit of research but I still have my ancient Egyptian WIP to finish.

I guess the third thing will have to be not allowing myself to get sucked into the e mail, which leads to twitter which leads to reading blogs which leads to....not getting any words done on my novels. What I need to do - 2015 plan here - is stick to my early morning wake up time (because I am a lark by nature), eat breakfast (because I'll get a migraine if I don't) and then dive right into the current WIP without ever opening the e mail, let alone the web browser. There'll be time for the social media in the afternoon, after lunch, when I'm not feeling so energetic and the words have temporarily stopped flowing. Sometimes I get a second burst of creativity in the evening, after dinner.

OK, that's my list and I'm sticking to it. I guess next December I'll be reporting back to you on the results and I don't want to disappoint!


  1. Congrats on the transition! (and good luck staying off the Web)