Monday, September 8, 2014

I do not.

I know that sales tracking is important. I do. Honest.

But I don't track my sales.

I do what I can to promote and then I leave sales tracking in the hands of my agent.

If the numbers are wrong, I'll find out.

in the meantime, too much to write and absolutely no skill as an accountant.

Know your limitations.

On a side note: Jeffe's latest book comes out today! ROGUE'S PARADISE

You should buy it and read it immediately!

And because last week I was at Dragon-Con, here's a picture of me doing Con stuff.

Above it's Rocky Shields (all around good guy) Me and author/editor Jonathan Maberry on a panel about V-WARS (That's short for Vampire Wars). V-WARS is a series of anthologies, a comic book series, a forthcoming board game and, oh yeah, a forthcoming TV series. I just turned on my third story for the series yesterday. The above picture is just after we finished a panel on the subject at Dragon*Con. 
The pictures below are the covers for the first two anthologies in the series. 


  1. Thanks James! ~loans spreadsheet~ ;-)

  2. Can I just say Ditto on Saturday??? No? OK, I'll come up with something....

  3. You can. Veronica, but it might disappoint a few people. ;)

  4. The panel must have gone well if your smirk has anything to say about it. Or maybe that is because it was over?


  5. Alexia, my dear, I was in a wonderful mood. The smirk came out all on its own. ;)