Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Free and Paid Marketing: Which is Best?

I'm deep in edits this week, so I'll keep the post short.

Favorite Free Marketing:
There is no marketing more effective than word-of-mouth. Corporations spend millions and millions trying to put those words in consumers' mouths. They really want the "trend-setter" consumers, because those folks offer the best ROI. Who are the "trend-setters"? By and large... teenagers. High disposable income, wide range of personal connections, and taste influencers across multiple age brackets.

Now you know why you can't run away from YA.

Favorite Paid Marketing:
Nobody knows the "right" formula for getting a product in front of the "right" consumers for the "right" amount of money. It's all a crap shoot. Every industry.  Every product. That floundering feeling authors get when trying to sell their books? Billion dollar ad companies go through the same thing on a per-client scale.

When it comes to shelling out my moola, I'm pretty sure I'll lean toward the opportunities that are "bundled presence" opportunities. Aka, my name/work in an ad, a box-set, a gift-basket, a Con-presence, etc, that goes alongside other writers in my genre.

One voice is hard to hear. Many voices can cut through the din. 
I just have to be careful that my voice doesn't get overpowered by my cohorts.

Dear readers, what's your favorite group advertising means?

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