Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fight Scenes: Hicks or Hudson?

During a fight itself, I tend to go with the idea that there isn't much discussion. If it's a serious fight to stay alive, then hopefully the combatants are concentrating on remaining alive. Talking might be the thing that gets them killed and in real life, who's listening anyway? The other guy just wants to do you in too.

The heroes of my novels, whether in the far future in my SF romances, or in the far past in the ancient Egyptian paranormals, are meant to be the Navy SEALs of their time - quiet professionals. My standard is that I'd hope if one of my guys walked into a bar frequented by SEALs or other Special Forces, they'd be accepted as a fellow warrior. So, having said that, I don't put much dialog in the fight scene.

It's Hudson's style versus Hicks' style, to use a metaphor from one of my alltime favorite movies, "Aliens." Hudson is all jittery energy and talking to the aliens as he's blasting them (SPOILER ALERT: he dies) and Hicks is just efficiently killing them and reminding Ripley to remember to use short, controlled bursts.

The best version of the "Aliens" trailer I found on youtube can't be embedded (bummer) but here's the link:

Here's one of my favorite scenes from the movie "Act of Valor," which included real Navy SEALs. Not much talking here but a LOT of firepower:

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