Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The hardworking bookmark…

Who knew that a 2x6 inch strip of full color glossy premium cardstock could do so much? More even than just serving as con swag, though that’s a primary function.
First, a little unsolicited advertising:
I use COPY CRAFT because:   (
  1.  They are right here in the USA, in the great state of Texas.
  2.  Customer service speaks ENGLISH, some of them with a lovely drawl, and has always been top notch.
  3.  I get to put my ‘former graphic artist’ skills to work and design my own. Their 4-color process gives me crisp colors and EVERY bookmark turns out sharp.
  4.  My book marks always arrive fast.
  5.  The Price is Right. $79.oo + shipping for 2500. That’s a lot of advertising for a small cost.
I’ve gotten a couple rounds of bookmarks as well as postcards from them. Don’t try to sell me on another printer; I’ve never had an issue, love the result and am satisfied with the price so I will continue to use them in the future. 
My bookmarks have the covers of all my books (eye catching, colorful and just perfect, thanks to Don Sipley, the artist) on the front. The back has two short review quotes, a picture of me playing guitar and my website.
My bookmark image is the header of my facebook page and my twitter pages, and features on the home page of my website for a consistent ‘public’ look.
So what do I do with these pretties?
  1.  I always take bookmarks to conventions and leave them around on the swag tables.
  2.  When my band plays out, I often drop a half dozen onto a dry spot of the counter in the ladies room as well, or atop the air hand drier if they will stay (it’s a good viewing height).
  3.  I have been known to, at larger conventions where those insanely long lines of people waiting to get into a panel—specifically a panel for something that is similar enough in subject and style to my series that these people are likely to be receptive to my product—go and pass out bookmarks to anyone who will take one. Let’s face it, they are kind of captive at that moment. They aren’t going to leave the line. They might throw the bookmark away, might shove it in their pocket and throw it away later, but for a few minutes it alleviated line-boredom. I got images and names of my product in front of their eyes. Even better, they might ask a few questions. Being personable, friendly, and smiling a lot will get you remembered well. When they are in the bookstore, they’ll probably recall that when they see your covers.
  4.  Take a few books to panels as giveaways. Arrive early, hopefully to an empty room, and put a bookmark on each seat (they have to look at it to pick it up and sit, right?), grab a pen and sign a few and place them randomly. Near the end of the panel, ask who’s got the signed bookmarks. (Make them all look at their bookmarks again…do you see what I’m doing here?) Give those holding the signed bookmarks the giveaway books.
  5.  I go to my local bookstores and libraries. I get my books out and put these bookmarks in them. Sometimes the staff will even take a few to put on the counter.
  6.  I send them to be included in swag bags at other cons, and for other urban fantasy related events.
  7.  I keep a slew of them in my purse. I gave out many of them while bartending. I give them to old classmates I run into at the store. I give them to the staff at my doctor’s and dentist’s offices. Hell, I’ve passed a few out at a local ice cream stand because someone (one of those doctor’s nurses) recognized me and said, “Hey aren’t you that author?” Which led to bookmarks for her friend, and ladies at the next table who overheard.

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  1. Clever ideas! I know what else I'm going to do with my pretty bookmarks now! Thanks for sharing strategies.