Thursday, May 15, 2014

No One Expects the Spanish Exquisition...

by Allison Pang


Yeah, that's a pretty lousy pun, sorry. (Though really, you sort have to admit it's got a bit of a Terry Pratchett feel to it, maybe?)  How one expects the Spanish Exposition? No? Anyone? >_<

I didn't really have anything prepared for "Exquisite" anyway - and since my brain has been mostly focused on Dragon Age: Inquisition instead (and the highly priced Inquisitor version that has these mega cool looking tarot cards), my brain just sorta went there.

And I don't usually buy collector's editions because they tend to be overpriced, but still - they're fun to look at. fellow Word Whores and I have had some discussions recently and have come to the conclusion that the word a week thing on the blog isn't working, and so starting next week, we'll be back to more writerly type topics.

And if you have anything you'd like us to talk about, please feel free to mention it in the comments or via email. Thanks!

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