Friday, May 2, 2014

Egregious Memory

Oh. Right. It's Friday. My day to post, isn't it? If I recall rightly, egregious was even one of my words (one of my favs). How could I have forgotten to post?

Well...see, this shiny new computer showed up and I am *still* fighting with Outlook to get my email straightened out. Apparently, gone are the days when you could configure your email accounts to all come into one single in-box. Hey. It's a feature. :P One might even say it's an egregious feature. Granted. I'm probably one of the last few living people dinosaurs on the planet still downloading email. Or using email at all. But there you have it. You know I worked for MS once upon a time, right? At the time, there was a saying at the company about the group programming the email solutions (Outlook and Exchange): "Exchange: the most loathed and feared group at Microsoft." I haven't been at the company for lo these many years, but I'm guessing it's still true - just not limited to the company anymore. If ever it was.

Also? New operating system. O_o Egregious. Sometimes, it means good. Sometimes, like the fact that I've lost this post thrice in one morning already because of the vagaries of the new OS? It doesn't mean good. At all.

On the other hand. It's been 80 degrees and gloriously sunny for the past two days. I'm sunburned. Earliest time in the year EVER in Seattle. It's possible that my memory has been seared away by the solar radiation to which I so gleefully exposed my egregiously pallid epidermis. There it is. My weak excuses for having forgotten which day of the week it is and that I might ought to - oh, I don't know - WORK. :D

Because it's not like the very first piece of software I installed on the new machine was a MMOPG or anything egregiously irresponsible or anything.

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