Saturday, April 26, 2014

How Wonderful Is Effervescent?

I don't actually use this word often although I think it's a very nice arrangement of vowels and consonants and rolls off the tongue satisfactorily. When I hear "effervescent", I usually think of champagne  bubbles, which I believe other Whores have covered earlier in the week. Certain actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Carol Channing come to mind, and maybe Zooey Deschanel? Oh and the character of Penny on the "Big Bang Theory" at times!

Having said that, I was pretty effervescent myself yesterday, when my most recent novel MAGIC OF THE NILE got a five star review from Night Owl Reviews and was named as a Top Pick! Whee! The Reviewer said, in part, "If you love ancient Egypt, this is the series for you." 

Who needs champagne? Well, ok , it might have been nice to celebrate the good news. I do love mimosas…

The ancient Egyptians didn’t have champagne but they definitely had wine, with fabulous names like “Star of Horus on the Height of Heaven,” which came from a vineyard that stayed in business for 2300 years. The Egyptians graded their wines as “good,” “twice good” and “three times good”, which was the best quality. In my novels I make sure Pharaoh is only serving that at his banquets. Wines could also be characterized as genuine, sweet, merrymaking (which seemed to be the cheap stuff that flowed like water at big parties) and blended.

Wine is consumed during MAGIC OF THE NILE, but only the good stuff!