Thursday, April 17, 2014


by Allison Pang

I used to ride a horse named Ebullience - she was a gold color, not quite palomino, but a shaggy, good-natured thing, nonetheless. Not that I've ridden in quite a while, but I did take lessons from about age 7 to 12 - that included dressage and show jumping and various horse camps. At one point we nearly moved to the countryside and my parents were strongly considering buying me a horse of my own.

Not entirely sure what happened there because that line of thought eventually dried up and then I moved away from riding and that was that.

But Lucy is 7 now and the horse bug has bitten her fairly bad. (It's almost a trope really - little girls and their ponies/unicorns/pegasi.) And I was going to get her some lessons, but I didn't want to do it in the winter. Barns can be cold and I didn't want her to decide she didn't like riding simply because of the weather. (Her decision either way, of course - but I wanted her to get the experience without too many extraneous issues.)

So I put it off until this week - we're up in Vermont (part of this week has actually been spent with my friend Danielle is a writing retreat, nestled away in an old farm house with broadband and gourmet 4 course meals, yo. Bliss.) But my uncle owns a horse farm and it's where I spent a fair amount of my riding time, so it only made sense to give Lucy a chance to see what it was like in this place.

And she loved it. 

Loved it so that she's been begging to go back to the barn every day since then. (And yes, we are going back tomorrow - have to fit it in around the barn's schedule.) I suspect there will be lessons as home, as soon as I can find a place locally. 

I don't know how long it will last - but as ebullience goes, I'll take it. :)

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