Friday, March 7, 2014

Weight of a Contract

Contracts. Ah, contracts - the sole reason odd paper sizes persist. Does anyone else look forward to the day when contracts are all online just so you don't have to attempt to fold a contract to fit into a physical file folder?
Contracts come in all manner of variety. They imply obligation. Expectation. They list out a set of requirements and actions to be taken. Course, they're a two way street. Usually. In theory, you're supposed to receive compensation for whatever it is you contracted to do. Or be. Or sell. Or whatever hellish combination thereof has been devised.
There are explicit contracts which you sign, implicit contracts which you don't. You know about explicit contracts - book contracts, real estate contracts, etc. Implicit ones, though, those are relationships - more specifically, they're the unspoken expectations most of us bring to our relationships. Let me Let me SHOW you. This is what an implicit contract, nay - expectation - looks like:
This is Autolycus. No. He's not a spoiled rotten brat. Why do you ask? Okay. Yes. It IS true that he goes into the bathroom, stands beside the sink (where he has a water dish, thank you very much) and howls until someone comes to feed him water from a syringe. What? It's not so bad. At least I got him to stop howling for water at 2AM. He waits until 6, now. O_o


  1. Wow, at least my Jake will drink from his own personal Dixie cup...but never the water bowl. Of course not!

    1. Your next book title: A Dixie Cup of His Own. :D

  2. Boy or boy, has this cat got you trained, lol! Cute too.

    I have two that like fresh water from the bathroom sink but know better than to yowl for it. In the winter, when we need to do the trickle so the pump doesn't freeze, they spend a lot of time drinking water. Well, they also bat the stream of water, lol! Ditto if the bath water is running :-)

    Sia McKye Over Coffee