Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Buried Treasure

Has anyone else been watching The Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel?

Maybe you've heard of the Money Pit?

There's an island covered in oak an area where there are no oak trees. The same island where in the late 1700's a young boy saw lights, investigated and ended up digging. He and friends found wooden platforms every ten feet down. Following that legendary story, another group later was able to dig deeper and found at the ninety foot level a stone centered on the platform. A stone with strange markings. A stone which has since disappeared...

A second pit was then found, and it was booby trapped.

So far, six have died looking for treasure there. The legend says seven must die before the treasure can be found.

So what's the treasure supposed to be there that's worth such risk?

Well, it's rumored to be the loot of Spanish pirates. And it's rumored to be the treasures and ancient religious artifacts hidden by the Knights Templar.

Sounds like an awesome story, right?

This is real.

Enter two brothers--two incredibly likable, reasonable, methodical brothers--their sons, some friends, a professional diver, researchers, and metal detectors.

The season was only a few episodes long. (I think six or seven.) But watching these men and the camaraderie building as they plunge deeper on their modern day quest was fun and fascinating. I am eager for more, and hopeful that they do find treasure. They seem like genuine, personable folk. Check out the link below: I think the History Channel has all the episodes up and ready to watch.



  1. That's about an hour away from me. I can bring you a pebble from there when I see you at WFC in DC, if you'd like?

  2. I've heard of this before, didn't know about the TV show trying to solve the riddle. Cool! It's a very strange thing, for sure.