Friday, January 17, 2014

Six Days of Word-Whores Cursing


Yeah, I see what that it's supposed to be an actual word, and, having had a brief secret life as a minstrel in a medieval village, I can say I saw an adz in use. However. It is my argument that looking upon that collection of three letters as one thing and one thing only misses the point. The point being that when Word-Whore Jeffe told me the topic for the week, I spent most of my evening trying to figure out what it was an acronym for.

A Dead Zombie. Mm. Redundant, right? Terrible acronym unless you're living in Walking Dead Land. Then maybe it simply means 'a zombie not currently trying to take a bite out of you'.

A Dumb Zombie. Yeah. Pretty much describes the breed. Stupid acronym. Moving on.

A Demilitarized Zone. Oh. That's right. That's DMZ. Course. I suppose ADZ could work for a super-literal combat troop. On another planet. With no sense of what sounds cool. Let's face it. DMZ sounds better than ADZ.

But still. ADZ should totally stand for something brilliant. Antagonistic...Diametric...something. Work with me here. Really. What DOES ADZ stand for?

Also? Finished a book novel, a second urban fantasy (first one is Nightmare Ink, out in April - this one is slated for fall. Ish.) Why mention it? The relief. I feel my brain oozing out my ears. Maybe there are words that would make that ADZ acronym work that describe brain melting. . .


  1. I did not just try to find Nightmare Ink on bookdepo and fail miserably... (Stupid bookdepo!)

    1. It's not even on my website yet, because I have no cover. So far. I have a promise of 'soon!' and that's it. Though you will be one of the first to know, I swear.