Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Loves & Loathes: Words

Three cheers for List Season! Bullet points! Skimming! Mind candy! Without much ado, here are my Words to Love and Loathe:

Words I Love:
  1. Apoplectic -- While apoplexy isn't something I'd wish upon a friend, it is a mighty fine word to say and with which to play.
  2. Decrepit --  When I was young and learning the concept of "root words," I was convinced "crepit" was an actual word. I became obsessed with "crepit" and tried to force it into our lexicon. Alas, I failed. "Decrepit" is as close as I can get. 
  3. Irascible -- I always picture a cross between a pirate and a bulldog growling this word. It amuses me greatly.
  4. Quixotic -- Part Don Quixote, part Exotic. Yes, yes, that is how my mind smashes concepts together to recall meanings.
  5. Adz -- It's a logging tool. It's also a three-letter word using the letter Z, which is useful in a myriad of spelling games. 
Words/Phrases I Loathe:
Truly, there is only one word I loathe, but lest you, dear readers, feel deprived, I'll toss in a phrase that ought to be put on a shelf for twenty-five years.
  1. Vagina -- Nope, I'm not ashamed of my girly bits. Any other term for that particular part of anatomy is fine by me. Cunt, cooch, hooha, twat, hairy taco... any of them. Just. Not. The proper term.  Yes, I realize it's irrational. No, it doesn't change my reaction to it.
  2. "You'll Appreciate This" -- No. No I will not. Stop overusing the phrase. It's become a trigger to tromp a throat. 
There are so many delightful words in the English language and I'm constantly learning more. There are words I've forgotten, and when I encounter them again it's a wonderful reunion. 

Dear reader, is there a word you've forgotten yet with which you've become reacquainted? Do share!


  1. Dammit - no fair using phrases! Now I want to backtrack and add "Thank you in advance" to mine...

    1. TYA makes me want to answer with "Declined, always." ~lash flutter~

  2. I never know how to SAY "quixotic"....but I do love apoplectic.

    1. I am absolutely guilty of knowing words and not being able to properly pronounce them.