Friday, July 12, 2013

Outlines Would Require Organization

And since this is the second post I've messed up this month, it's clear that organization is a foreign language to me. I'm trying to learn it. I swear.

Last week, one of my mom's cats had a leg amputated. I have photos of the aftermath. I won't show them to you. You're welcome. I missed my post last week because I was chauffeur and the post surgical nurse the day the cat came home from the hospital. This boiled down to me forgetting what day of the week it was in the churn of waking up every hour to check the poor guy and medicate him every few hours.

This week, after coming home to one of *my* cats being sick (2 vet visit bonus!), my family finally got out on vacation. We had it all planned out. Thursday night, we'd be someplace with internet access so I could take care of everything. And then the weather service posted a small craft advisory. Then they upgraded it to a gale watch. Dangerous wind and wave conditions meant we made our wisdom check and stayed an extra day in a port we hadn't planned to stay in. I bought this:

The weather wasn't going to break in time for our plans to bear out. So we punted and headed away from the bad weather.  It totally messed up our ability to get to internet. We looked for someplace quiet and tucked away where we could hole up and snivel over the fact that we didn't get to go where we wanted.

This is Port Ludlow. We anchored out and listened to the great blue herons, the eagles and the harbor seal (I couldn't tell initially whether it was a critter or an engine trying to start - it was the critter - snorting water out of his nose. Most attractive.)

We would still be there except the boat batteries are doing things that boat batteries should not do  - like trickling off their charge, which we need. So, once again, flexibility was the name of the game. Up anchor and head for someplace with electricity so we could trouble shoot the batteries. Oh. Look. Our first choice is full up for the night - at least we called ahead to find that out before sailing all that way. Second choice. And here we lie on the guest docks in the Port of Everett.

Funny. When I began this pathetically late post, I hadn't thought it was related to writing. But it is. Organization is a great thing, but is it a hill (or a major water crossing) you want to die on? I don't. Flexibility. Second plans. Third plans. Watching the sky, the wind and the waves - or the plot points, characters and motivations - keeps boaters alive and stories flowing.

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