Thursday, May 30, 2013

Leggo my Lego...

by Allison Pang

I'm a Lego-phile.

I wasn't always. We had them as kids...or really, my brother did. If I was lucky I got to dip into the bucket of loose pieces, but I never got a Lego kit of my own. Guess my parents figured it was a "boy thing" and never the twain shall meet.

And then I stopped caring and grew up or something.

Until a few years ago when I was buying Legos for my son and I realized they'd gone much farther than the basic castle/underwater/space kits of my youth.

Like...I knew there were Star Wars kits - I'd bought a few and helped my son put them together, but for whatever reason, the extended universe ships didn't really do much for me.

Until The Avengers came out and I realized they had Legos for them. And I went out and bought every
Avengers kit I could find.

Because I had to have Lego Loki. And Thor. And Captain America. And Hawkeye. And Black Widow. And Hulk.


And you had to buy *all* the kits to get all the minifigs...and yeah. I have a problem.

A problem compounded a short while later when The Lord of the Rings kits came out. And then The Hobbit.

And I bought all of *those.* I'm awash in Lego elves and dwarves and orcs. And Gollum.

But here's the thing. Legos are mega expensive and putting them together can be time consuming, particularly the big ones. (Built the Millennium Falcon over Christmas and that one took way more time than I expected.) So I started only building them at writing milestones...or at periods of extremely high stress. (I'm not sure why - but something about using my hands in a productive way tends to calm me down. Plus when I'm done, I've got some really killer things to look at. Lately, I've been stressed out a lot.)

(And yes, I have all the Lego XBox games. Sue me. Lego Avengers comes out in October. I weep for it.)

Lots more pictures of the LotR sets here...

As writing rewards go, I guess it's a silly hobby, but that didn't stop me from picking up the Iron Man 3 sets this past weekend. Because, you know.

Lego Pepper Potts.

And I'd finished going through base edits of the newest manuscript.

But these are small rewards. The one I'm really waiting for is the Death Star.

But at $400 and nearly 4000 pieces it's a commitment I can't make just yet. Here's hoping I sell something worthy of it in the near future.


  1. I'm one of 4 girls. I begged my parents for Legos as a kid, but got Barbies instead. In my 20s, I spent my hard earned money on them & destressed from work with them. When I had my son, I went hog wild buying Legos for him, just so I could build. We have bins & bin full of them! The best games were Lego Rock Raiders and Lego Alpha Team.

  2. I will go buy another set of your books to help you buy the Death Star, because that is AWESOME! The Legoas Lego made me laugh. :)

  3. LOVED this - we're big LEGO fans at our MUST build the Death Star, on behalf of ALL of us!

  4. That's BRILLIANT!!!!! I could make a Lego castle for my Dr. Doom!

    1. Heh. You know...they *have* a Lego Dr. Doom...