Sunday, March 10, 2013

word count wonderance


I"m on my last day of vacation in a maddeningly internet free place so I apologize for not getting my post in on time! I'm at a coffee shop with a few minutes to write and a wee bit to say about word count.

Two quick things:

I really got a lot out of Rachel Aaron's book 2k to 10k a day book.  I think it's excellent!

I am proud of having gone from 1k a day to about 2k, but I have felt lately like there is so much thinking about increasing it, but I get confused about how the editing then works in. And the times when all the writing must get destroyed because it is wrongheaded, destroying large swaths of words. I wish I had a method to account for them positively and not just feel like it's in the negative territory. I am trying to think of that.

In a way, I sometimes wonder if the ideal is not high word count, but finding a ratio of fast writing that requires the least revise and destruction of word count.

Any thoughts welcome!

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  1. I really agree with that, CC, finding the balance. I could write faster, but not with the polish and completeness I like. I'm just not a dirty-draft kind of gal.