Thursday, January 3, 2013

What's In the Cards?

by Allison Pang

For me, predictions are almost always useless - at least when I try to predict anything for myself. When it comes to the"industry" I can't really say much of anything at all - I keep my ear to the ground and try to make sure I'm in the loop when the big waves crash, but otherwise I try not to get too involved. If I knew how to predict marketing and writing trends, I'd be a best seller by now.

That in mind, I'll leave the industry predictions to the experts, and just focus on myself in this particular post.

Which brings me to a tool that I've used in the past that has been fairly useful: The Tarot. I'm not all that great at reading for myself, but I've had my cards read by others and things were rather scarily correct. (Thinking back to 2009's RT in Orlando - had my cards read by Arwen, who predicted that 1) I'd have some agent trouble and 2) I'd get a three book deal.

And she was correct on both counts (and several others.) I still get my cards read by her about once a year, so I can't recommend her highly enough.

But for this post, I pulled out one of my own decks and thought I'd see what the cards had to say for me. I used the Shadowscapes Tarot deck, which is probably the most beautiful deck I've ever seen. I love it so much I have two decks - a regular and a special edition which came with the "Happy Squirrel" card and a hand sketched original card. And I have both art books that go with them, because they really are that nice.

Anyway - I shuffled them up and did a basic three-card spread (Past~ Present~ Future), and this is what came out:

1) Ace of Pentacles - this card wasn't drawn - it fell out of the deck while I was shuffling. I always pay attention to cards that drop - message from the universe, yo.

Pentacles represent earth and are usually the symbol of money or craftsmanship - and an ace usually means something important - the birth of a child or a project. This card is full of greens, which to me means growth. (And if you look real close at the branches, there are female forms in the bark - everything is all fertile.) Plus the lizards themselves - they're small at the bottom and then there's a big one on the top - feels like it's showing all the stages - from baby to adult.

I'll take it as a good sign - maybe it represents the new project I'm working on.

2) Three of Pentacles (reversed)

This card takes the slot of the past - and the fact that it's the same suite as the Ace is very interesting. You can see on the card that  it's two people working together on their craft. It could mean a partnership or a collaboration. In my case, it was reversed - so that could indicate a struggle or a partnership falling apart.

Going hand in hand with the card that fell out, I think it makes sense. I've been struggling quite a bit with this newest book - maybe a bit of writer's block. Or it could indicate some of the past problems I've had with my publisher - a sort of friction, as it were.

At either rate, it's in my past, hopefully, so that's okay.

3) The High Priestess

This card represents the present. Major Arcana cards usually indicate something big and important.

My eyes are drawn to the owl at her feet and the pomegranate in her hand. The owl always represents wisdom to me (via connotations of Athena) - and  she's carrying a key in her talons.

The pomegranate is an interesting symbol given the time of year and the connection to Persephone.

So what does it mean for me? Probably something along the lines that I hold the key to unlocking my block and my creativity. I've been trudging along with the story, but like Persephone, it's time to emerge from my time in the underworld and kick some creative ass in the sun. (Or moon, as it were.) ;-)

4) The Magician

Another big card, this time representing the future. I adore this card - probably because I've got a soft spot for antlered men (go figure). But the Magician is about harnessing all the elements (which you can see hanging from his wings there - we've got fire, water, air and earth). And once he's got all those under control - well he's obviously creating something very special and magical there.

Overall, it's a nicely positive reading - but as is typical, the Tarot rarely  tells me things I don't already know - in this case, I'm the one in control of my creativity. It's just up to me to get off my ass and do what I need to do. But in the end? It will be totally worth it.

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  1. I love this reading - I predict fabulous things for you in the very near future!