Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Calling in Sick...

FIRST OFF: Congrats to Sarah II as I am awarding you a copy of SHATTERED CIRCLE for your entry in last week's contest, specifically the one referring to Persephone.

You said: Persephone: She's a fighter, and while she attempts to handle everything thrown at her gracefully, the girl can't seem to catch a break. The rendition of Swan Lake by The Agonist suites her I think. She's powerful, complex, and very human.

And I say, Sawn Lake by The Agonist wins! So drop your shipping address in an email to me: rockinwriterlinda@yahoo  DOT com.

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That link should take you to where I am, but you might have to click on something else if you catch this after today. Jodie Pierce interviewed me and she'll be posting that today so get over there!!!! (After you read this here....)

It was a dark and stormy night. The author was sick in bed. Her fever was high. Her chills were frequent and relentless when they struck.

And a deadline was looming.

Been there? Yup.

Cold meds knock me out. Heck, acetaminophen will make me sleepy. Daytime non-drowsy medicine will make me take a nap. The night-time stuff...don't plan on me being conscious for about 12-16 hours. Seriously. I cannot take meds and work. If I'm sick, I'm sleeping.

So for me, the deadline will be missed...unless I medicate and get over it quickly, or do not medicate and keep plugging on through it, that is. Soldier on!

But that sucks. If I'm ill, I'm working only if there is pressure and deadlines looming, otherwise I'm veggin'. If I HAVE to be productive while ill, then I have to think the scene through until it's a clear outline or I'll get lost.

Bottom line is, as an author, I may answer to editors...but I'm my own boss. I work hard to be ahead of the deadline because I know, as a mom, that things happen. Being ahead of schedule will save your ass way more times than it will get your ass kicked.


  1. I had the wrong link if you read the post before 7 am. It is correct now.

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head, Linda. "Work hard to be ahead of deadline" - that's about the only way to take sick days without feeling a boatload of guilt (and even then, the guilt attacks me).

    And too funny about the meds. They do the same thing to me - so I stopped taking most stuff. I can get away with acetaminophen, though, and Aleve. But Alka Seltzer Cough and Cold sends me into giggling fits. And don't get me started on the effects of 'daytime' Nyquil. Non-drowsy? Yah, right.

  3. I'm a huge fan of the working ahead of deadline concept. I do the false deadline plus the "multiply by half-again" rule. So far it's working!

  4. Thanks Linda I e-mailed you, and of course read the interview on Jodie's blog. Hope you feel better :)