Monday, December 31, 2012

Predictions and Resolutions for the New Year

I’m not much of a fortuneteller. If I were, I’d be happily married and independently wealthy and I am neither of those things, either. Still, that’s the subject of today’s ramble and so I shall predict the future and I shall tell you of my resolutions.

First, the future as regards publishing: On a personal front, a new novel will come out some time coming summer. Sword & Sorcery, from Angry Robot Books. It’s tentatively called Seven Forges. The negotiations are done and the contracts should be signed soon, so, really, not that difficult a prediction to make. Still, I’m delighted by the notion.

Second, I suspect that at least one major US publishing house will declare bankruptcy. I don’t like that prediction and I hope that I’m wrong, but there it is. Which one? I'm not saying.

Third, and hardly a shocker here, publishing will continue to change drastically. Oh, I know, that’s been happening for a while, especially since the start of e-publishing, but I think it will continue as a trend and I also thing it will escalate as new laws, new trends and new ideas are cemented. One more prediction on that same front: a lot of writers who predicted that they would make millions as self-published best sellers will be sorely disappointed. What can they do to stop that from happening? Not much, but for a starting point, they can try editing their manuscripts, and learning from the very long line of authors who are already in the field and often offering sage advice (I exclude myself from that list as I often offer advice but would never presume that it was sage.).

My resolutions: I will continue to work on my physical well-being. Over the last two years I’ve made a concentrated effort to work out, diet better and take better care of myself. My regular doctor seems to think I’m doing it the right way. I’ll call that a plus.

I will write no less than four novels. Yes, that’s right. Four. At least two of them will be collaborations. I’m okay with that. And yes, at least. In a perfect world there are a few I need to finish as well and they don’t count as they are works already in progress. So I guess you could say my resolution is to actually finish six novels, including the four I intend to write this year.

After that, I will sell all of the above. To be fair, at least one is probably sold already. Okay, and two more are almost certain things. But I can’t sell them until I write them. Well, I can but that would be cheating and if I don’t write them they’re still not going to pay me, so, you know, I still have to actually do the writing part.

I will finish the dozen or so smaller writing projects to which I have committed myself. From time to time someone asks me to write something out of the blue, and I, being a word whore and constantly in the mood for a larger income, say “yes.” Normally I say yes. No is not a word I like when it comes to my writing. I don’t like to say it, and I absolutely loathe having someone say it to me. Makes me all weepy-eyed. So, yes, I will finish the two novellas, three short stories and two serialized novellas I have agreed to, in addition to the six novels, the novel proposals, and the essays I’ve agreed to as well as a few forewords for other people’s works.

Oh, and I’ll keep up with my blogs better, this one included. Maybe you didn’t noticed that I dropped the ball last Monday, but I did. One week in and I’m already screwing up. You’d think it was the holidays or something.

How will I keep up with these deadlines? Simple: I will sit my butt down, avoid social media, and write every day. Which, ultimately, is what I’m supposed to do. I’m a writer, you see, and so I’m supposed to write. Every. Single. Day. That’s what I have to do if I would like to be successful at my chosen career.

Resolution. Resolute. Figure it out.

Oh, and Happy New Year! May the new year bring you nothing but joy, good health and prosperity!

James A. Moore.


  1. Congratulations on the new novel, James. I suspect your other predictions are probably right, too. Wish those last two weren't, but thems the breaks.

    And awesome resolutions. Good luck and kick butt in 2013! Happy New Year to the WW gang. =o)

  2. B.E. I don;t think change has to be a bad thing on the publishing front,. I think it just means we have to be aware of it. As I like to point out from time to time, I started writing without a safety net and with a )barely) high school education. Still haven't gotten around to college. Still think I might try one of these days. And I'm still writing and (hopefully) still getting published. If you want it badly enough, you can make it happen. You just have to be smart about it.