Saturday, November 10, 2012

You're finished!!

I had a favorite series where, when book bazillion came out, I splurged on the hardcover. That’s how much I loved the series. I was sooo excited! But then I read it, and it was clear the series should’ve been over somewhere at gazillion. (and no, it’s not Kresley Cole. That hardcover was worth it!)

I think about the writer of this series a lot, and wonder how she feels and why she wrote the book she did, and a few more. Was she sick of the series but the money was too good? Or, is she still into the series, but it’s so popular that she’s just writing anything, thinking it’s golden, and the editors won’t say no?

New books after a series is “finished” is bad for readers, and I think it’s just so bad for writers, too. It’s so important to write where the hungry energy is. It seems like a kind of hell to me to do anything other than that.

When I thought up Mind Games, I immediately thought of a trilogy. I am just really paranoid about committing to anything longer. Because, what if you get sick of it on book three, but it’s a five book series?  I want to feel excited and happy about writing my books. (Though, I guess if somebody offered me big money to continue an over series I can't promise wouldn't say no! Depending on my poverty level.)

But,  think that’s when the series is over. When the hunger and the energy is gone. (and no, I won’t tell what the series I mentioned above is, even if you ask.)

Image: Saffron Meringue Peeps by Lenore M. Edman,

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  1. I know that feeling.
    Weird thing is: I feel that one of my favorite authors has been delivering below average books lately, but other people love them. It could be because those people are just now discovering her books and don't know how much better she can do. Or maybe I'm just being too critical.