Saturday, November 24, 2012

Things I'm thankful for tonight!

Reading in bed

Kitten breath

The screen capture key command

My friends

People who read books



My friends on twitter

Pen names

The fact that my cats can’t repeat things like parrots can, and therefore don’t run around saying things like, “Who’s this baby? Mama wants to bite off this baby’s ear!”

Having smart and generous author friends

Cheese samples at the grocery store

Guido Henkel’s ebook formatting guide

pop chips

Sees suckers

Being dropped from Random House


Anne Stuart

Having enough to eat and a warm place to live


This 4-day weekend

Mr. Crane

Historical romance

The Internet. Because I remember the suckage of researching things at the library

The awesomeness of the RWA magazine

Daniel Craig

My socks warming on the radiator

Images: public domain from wikimedia or author's own


  1. OMG! I should've put buttersox!! lol

  2. what are pop chips? I have to go with Chris Hemsworth... and add spell check to the list