Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Release Day: Two, Two, Two Times the Fun!

I have the big pimpin' pleasure of announcing today is release day for two of our Word Whores!

A Trace of Moonlight
Book 3 of the Abby Sinclair Series
by Thursday Word-Whore Allison Pang

During a week in which I should be discussing revenants, it is delightfully appropriate that Ms. Sinclair becomes a subject-matter expert in the third installment of the Abby Sinclair Urban Fantasy series. What will happen when a daemon meddles with the love-triangle of Abby, the elven prince Talivar, and the incubus Brystion?

Mr. Real
Book 1 of the Code of Shadows
by Saturday Word-Whore Carolyn Crane

Technically, one has to die and then be brought back to a semblance of life to be counted as a revenant, but what if you began as pixels behind glass? What if you were conceived by an advertising agency, portrayed by a MMA Fighter, and summoned into the real world by a babe wielding magical software? When you escaped the prison of television, to what lengths would you go to remain Mr. Real?


  1. Ordered A Trace of Moonlight today, and downloaded Mr. Real. I should have the latter finished by the time the former arrives. Life is good. =oD

  2. YAY! Thank you for your support, B.E.!