Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Author Surprises: Two Is All For You

What surprised me about being an author?

Well, if you're part of the "writers =  unpaid; authors = paid" group, then I'll have to get back to you with an answer.

If you're part of "author = written a book doesn't matter if it sold yet" group, then I'd have to say the most surprising thing about it is ...

...two books is the "norm" for a Big House contract on a debut author.

Two books.


There isn't a novel in my catalog that isn't part of a series. Most are five-book series; though, I do have two that are planned as trilogies. I probably shouldn't mention the lone "unlimited" series.

How am I supposed to become the next Richard Castle (hellllllo, last night's season premiere!) with just TWO BOOKS?  How am I supposed to establish a loyal following with just TWO BOOKS? How am I supposed to rocket to the top of the Best Seller List with just TWO BOOKS?

How am I supposed to buy James his Lamborghini with just TWO BOOKS?

That was my first surprise. I'm braced for more...


  1. Two books is the norm for a debut author contract. After that you'll get another contract for more, but then you won't be a debut author anymore. ;o)

    (Don't mind me. I'm being Polly Positive this morning.)

    1. LOL, "Polly Positive." I look at it as you get a two-book reprieve from the angst of "when am I going to get a contract."

    2. I'm going to be Holly Half-Full. There are definite advantages to working without a contract. Less security sure, but also far less onus.