Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whose logo is on your spine?

No, no dear friends. I'm not asking about your tramp stamp. I mean the spine of your book. It's where the publisher puts their trademark. So, who do you /want/ on the spine of your book?

I have to admit, I am learning much from my fellow word-whores this week. I know nil about self-publishing. My take on it is: "See the previous and later posts for the week. What they said."

I poked around. I tried to find data to share to sound like a reasonable, learned author. Everyone else has done it better, more concisely, and with more flair. I'd be redundant at this point, so I bow graciously to the experteeeeeze my co-horts have, to the knowledge they are sharing, and beg your patience as I cannot even add to this discussion. I am thoroughly enjoying it, however, as I have a few manuscripts I'd definitely consider playing around with in the self-pubbed realm.

*applauds the word-whores*


  1. Now I totally want an ISBN bar code tattoo...

  2. Jeffe- I know a guy, he does a good job. lol

    Linda- If you need any help with those manuscripts hit me up. I have advice for days. lol