Saturday, April 7, 2012

A lazy girl's guide to humor!

As you may have noticed, we Word Whores are blogging about where we go for funny stuff on the Internet. There are so many funny things out on the Internetz! I see my pals here have alerted readers to many of them! Drat being on Saturdays! No, actually I like it.

I don't have a regular place I go for funny stuff. I more get drawn to funny things by twitter and other people. And then I forget about them. Like the fickle whore I am!

Basically, I depend on others to alert me to things. Ah! But who alerts me? Often Twitter, but there are two awesome funniness alerting blogs...

One of my fave sources of funny stuff is the Friday Links roundup my neighbor and galpal Chris from Stumbling Over Chaos puts out. These links are a gold mine of cool stuff in general, but there is a whole LOL section that always has something funny. Just yesterday, Chris kindly alerted her readers to Kate Roman's awesome tumblr full of vintage unintentionally homoerotic ads such as this one:

And this, from Bronwyn Green's Pinterest, from a few weeks ago, also via Stumbling Over Chaos. 
I feel bad for baby seals! But I laughed so hard. Shows the importance of commas! 

Another of my blogger/writer galpals, KT Grant (aka KatieBabs) does WTF posts every Sunday, which are hilarious. I don't know where she finds this stuff! She turns up a lot of questionable book covers, as well as other items, like this, from Regretsy:

As you see, this falls squarely into the WTF category. Thanks, KT & Chris, for helping my lazy self find endless funny and weird stuff.