Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Celebrity Crush...

by Linda Robertson

There's something about certain actors that just appeal to me. We've blogged about hunks here before...I know I did a top ten list once upon a time.

I gave Viggo my #2 spot, allowing Jason Momoa to snag the top honor as a shirtless sword-slinger. "To that I hold," but...I keep coming back to Viggo. :-)

Maybe it's the chiseled jawline. He has unique features, and one would think that means he has the same distinguishing look in every movie, but he has melded into many roles with startlingly different appearances. Not all of them are particularly handsome, either. (I only put a few good pics here, though.)

Perhaps its the soft-looking, longish, slightly messy hair. I definitely dig long hair on a man. Probably a throwback to all my teenage crushes on rock stars.

Or, it may be the manliness of that jaw when it's rather scruffy.

It could be his dreamy blue eyes. I generally like dark eyes best, but he's certainly an exception. If the eyes truly are "the window to the soul," then I like imagining that his soul is lounging in a watery locale, like a warm sunny beach with a white sand that's soft like powder underfoot.


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  1. Not only can he rock a "duke" beard, but he can go full Abe and still look hot. The latest pics of him with streaks of silver...ooooh yesssss.