Friday, February 17, 2012

Music Crush

Like Allison, I had to wrack my brain over the celebrity crush thing. Maybe it's the fact that I don't have a TV anymore, or that I don't go to the movies because the flicker rate means a killer migraine. (In fact, my husband and I have a unique movie rating system - Is it worth a migraine to see it on the big screen, yes or no? FYI - the last movie that was a 'yes' was the first Sherlock Holmes movie. Ironman was, too. Hmm. Perhaps I should consider crushing on RDJr.)

Had you asked me about celebrity train wrecks, I'd have been all over that. There's something stupidly compelling about watching someone shoot themselves repeatedly in the feet. In public. It's a bit of 'how not to do it' education, right? BUT. That wasn't our topic.

So. No TV. Few movies. What do I crush on? Music. And I do mean the music - very rarely, since I aged out of my early twenties, do I develop crushes on actual people. It's the rhythm and a band's particular sound that I return to again and again like a junkie jonesing for a fix. Yeah, okay, so it doesn't hurt if the band members are cute. You already know about my Pendulum fixation. Well. There's a new kid in town.

Delhi 2 Dublin is a band out of Vancouver, BC. They are exactly what their name suggests - a mash up of Indian and Celtic music. They are an eclectic, international blend of musicians and their music brings instruments and sounds together that I never imagined could work out to so much fun. I won't link in any of the YouTube vids of these guys because every single one I've looked at has horrific sound quality. They have a couple of albums out. But this group is at it's best and most dynamic when they're playing live. They're playing relatively small venues right now, but that is going to change. My music crush on this band has reached the point that I've decided I need to make enough money writing that I can hire them to play an RT Readers party one year. But no pressure.


  1. Considering the last time you made a music recommendation I acquired half of Nox Arcana's collection, I am off to learn more about Dehli 2 Dublin.

  2. let us know how that turns out, KAK!

  3. You wouldn't likely care for it, Jeffe. Dance music. More closely related to Pendulum than to Nox Arcana.