Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's about Blood & Bullets ... and maybe a train

by KAK  

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Today, Monday Word-Whore James R. Tuck loses his novel virginity. (Yes, take that in as many ways as you'd like.) Today, his Urban Fantasy novel BLOOD AND BULLETS hits shelves -- tangible and virtual. Check out yesterday's post for a glimpse into the life of Deacon Chalk: Occult Bounty Hunter. I warn you, these vampires are not the creatures of wet dreams.

James R. Tuck
Should you spot his book in the wild real world, Take a Picture & Tag It! Seriously, my lovely readers, we'd love for you to upload and share your pictures of any Word-Whore's books over on Facebook and tag them so we know they've been spotted.

Don't worry, any similarities between Deacon Chalk and the author are purely ... the result of a vampire using mind control. ~evil laugh~

Speaking of control and vampires... ~fishes TV remote control from under left butt cheek~ This week's topic is TV Shows That I've Loved or Hated.

Growing up, "The Wild Wild West" with Robert Conrad and Ross Martin owned me. I wanted to live on a train just like they did. I had a thing for Arte. This show was the first to introduce me to the value of the quip (quip, people, not quirt ... though I think one of the villainesses wielded one of those). I remember Arte knowing Jim was in deep trouble, because the bad guy was in disguise -- yet Arte knew it was the bad guy by shape of his ears. EARS! EARS! Man, I miss that show.

No. We will not discuss the tragedy that was the 1999 movie.  We will not discuss any show that has anything remotely related to "Reality TV" for that matter either. ~shudder~


  1. WOO HOO!! Many congrats, James! (Yeah, the Wild Wild West reruns were a staple for me, too, KAK. It was the first show where *knowing* stuff counted for something.)

  2. Yes! *Knowing stuff* and *doing stuff* in cool ways that pre-dated MacGyver. Plus, that show survived the transition from black & white to color. Yep, talk about technology advancements!

  3. I never saw that show, but it sounds cool. The movie? No no no.

  4. When I was a mere lad, in the pre-dawn of civilization, Jim West was The Coolest. Period. I especially wanted the cool jacket with the throwing knife behind his neck.
    That was cool.

    Thanks for the Heads Up on James R. Tuck's new book. Will be sure to keep an eye out for around town. Sounds Swell. (yes, I'm wearing my dungarees and using words like "Swell". I'm Middle Age Man, I can do that.

  5. John, have you noticed the cool guys are all named James?

    James T. West

    James Bond

    James T. Kirk

    James R. Tuck

    Just sayin...