Wednesday, January 25, 2012


When I checked the trusty calendar this week to see what the topic was I saw:

Wildest Dreams For Our Writing Careers

The fine point those last four words put on the topic totally changed my first impression...and saved y'all from what could otherwise have been a strange little rant. Heh heh.

Well, since our Monday Man Whore nailed the movie op

tion dream with all the zeal and glee of a carpenter with a fresh-from-the-box pneumatic nail gun--and included pictures of hunk Dwayne Johnson, for which I am very grateful--I can't even /attempt
/ to steal Tuck's thunder.

So I've been pondering, exactly what writing related dream would just rock my world?

Well, audio versions of my books...

VICIOUS CIRCLE as read by Leonard Nimoy

HALLOWED CIRCLE as read by Wiliam Shatner

FATAL CIRCLE as read by Patrick Stewart

ARCANE CIRCLE as read by Ian McKellen

WICKED CIRCLE as read by Viggo Mortensen

SHATTERED CIRCLE as read by James Earl Jones

That would kick some serious ass...

But if, just IF, there was ever a movie or tv series of my books, it would be an incredible thing...but if HANS ZIMMER wrote the score/themes for it, I'd be such a pain in the ass because I'd HAVE to hang out at the studio going all fangirl on him... There are a few composers I really, really like, but Hans is far and away my favorite
and it would mean as much to me to have him writing those melodic themes for my characters as it would for such a film to even be made.

WHY? Because when a master composer is at work, there's no doubt what melody belongs to which characters...they attach sound to a character and you will remember that song forever. Think Darth Vader. Indiana Jones. Superman. Optimus Prime. Jack Sparrow.

This song has all the characters themes meshed into one beautiful four minute piece.

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  1. No thunder stolen...I think it is a LOT of writers dreams to have a good movie made. lol.

    I see your series as more of a kick ass, high-end show on HBO or Showtime.

    Or Starz....they make some great TV.