Friday, January 27, 2012

Grandiose Dreams Masquerading as Plans

I could tell you that my great dream is to develop my writing career to a point where I can support myself and my family. It’s true. As far as it goes. The problem is that I’m much greedier than that. I want more. Much more.

The movies, comics, games, action figures based on my stories and characters– sure, those would be nice. But you know what? Those are the means by which my most secret (to this point) dreams may be accomplished. What are these lofty imaginings? Here, in no particular order, they are.

1.       Donate 10% of everything I make to the charities I support. Granted. I already donate to the organizations that are close to my heart, but it’s not from my income. So far. Also, no, I won’t say which orgs right now. I kind of feel like charity should be like religion – between you and whoever’s getting your money.

2.       The Great Walk of Africa - 110 miles of hiking across Tsavo National Park. I would want this to be paid for 100% with my income. No pressure. I only need about $30,000 to pull this off for me and my husband. <cough>

3.       Macadamia Nut Pancakes. Yeah. This one takes a little explanation. During a weeklong vacation in Kailua, Hawaii, a storm wind blew in. It bustled through and whispered to me as it passed. “Home,” it said. And I decided that living in Hawaii would be just fine. It didn’t hurt that in Kailua is a restaurant called Boots & Kimo’s. They serve killer Macadamia Nut Pancakes. The rest of their food is yummy, too. There’s also a great burger joint in Kailua. Not to mention the fine art of shave ice in flavors you’ve never heard of. At any rate, I know living in Hawaii is expensive. Islands are just like that. So if I was going to make it a goal, I might as well go for broke, right? Why not aspire to one of the huge, gorgeous homes that dot the area? I’d turn it into a writer’s retreat. The family and I would live in one, smaller part of the house. The rest would become B&B style writers’ rooms. Sign up, fly out, and shut yourself away in your private space to write, or join others in the common room for writing time, tea time, wine, brainstorming sessions – whatever. Of course, I’d have to name rooms after Word Whore novels or something, though notably, for the darker books, I’m not likely to carry the theme over to the room décor. Naturally, we’d provide shuttle service to the Macadamia Nut Pancakes. And to the beach. Until then. Here’s the closest I’ve come to owning a piece of paradise.


  1. The Sapphire Room would have all sorts of extra accessories - to stimulate the creative drive, of course!

  2. All sounds VERY good to me....I could get excited about action figures from my novels. But mostly, would love to depart day job and write full time!

  3. Mmmm. Living the artistic life in Hawaii. I like this one -

  4. I agree with Kerry. Hawaii...wanna go there someday. Mac Nut pancakes. sounds delish.