Wednesday, January 11, 2012


First, I’ve got to tell y’all that I got to be the opening speaker at the Cleveland Area Witches and Pagan Ball last Saturday night, and, while I’m still a bashful public speaker, I had fun. Thanks to Roger for inviting me to the event!

Second, my birthday was yesterday, (actually tomorrow as I write this, but yesterday as you read this) so pardon me for my brevity this week. It’s not the subject matter. Really. Cause we all know how sporty I am. **falling out of my chair in a fit of laughter…** It’s just that this week has been busy on a level that is not common. (Computer issues, kids having strange math homework, freezer section of garage fridge isn’t freezing for some reason… alas, too many fires to put out at once.)

My take on winter sports:


I skied once a few years back. Layered in warm clothes and ski pants, a heavy coat, and thick gloves, I can honestly say I liked it. Even managed the ski lift no problem. I’d do it again.


Never tried it. I used to roller skate very well—on the kind that was NOT inline wheels. In those my skating ability is pitifully neutralized. I think that attempting to ice skate would only end with me on my ass on frozen water which I would dislike very much.


I’ve done some sledding. The downhill part is fun. The uphill trek…not so much. If they put in a ‘ski lift’ version to get you back to the top, maybe I’d go sledding more.


Looks like fun....and an emergency room visit waiting to happen.

Have I mentioned that winter sports (Jeffe’s winter sports not included) take place outside in the cold, and that I’m not a fan of polar temperatures? I’m a freeze baby. I even prefer mittens to gloves because my fingers are warmer when they are all together.

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  1. I'm with you on the mitten vs. gloves issue. Too bad you can't do grown-up things in mittens, like navigate pens or buttons.