Wednesday, September 14, 2011


By Linda Robertson

This week the word-whores are raising our voices in praise of the ditties that inspire us, or the lack thereof, depending. Me, I’ve pieced together quite the 80s hymnal just in my regular blog posts. By now y’all ought to know that I loves me some rock-n-roll…

Here is my newest band inamorata: VOLBEAT

I listen to rock to set my mind or to feel an attitude laden setting if that's what I want to induce. But their lyrics get in the way of my words. So when I’m actually doing the writing work, it’s movie scores sans vocals or with vocals running only as (mostly) wordless instruments.

Y'all also ought to know by now that Hans Zimmer is the best composer ever, IMHO. So, I can keep this post short (it is midnight right now as I write this) and simply give y'all a sprinkling of the best writing music out there.

BTW Hans Zimmer, I love what you do man. You make what I do smoother, easier, and richer.

But there is some kick ass stuff the esteemed Mr. Zimmer did not write. Like...

Now the test…

Can you identify what movie this exciting music is originally from…

KUDOS if you can!


  1. I'm ALL over Hans Zimmer. Just listed to "You're So Cool" on the way into work this morning.

  2. Okay, having just spent the last thirty minutes going through YouTube's Volbeat collection, I understand your love for them.

    My guess for the last video clip is... Crimson Tide?

  3. KAK, sadly it is not crimson tide, but nice guess!!! VOLBEAT...I love Guitars, Gangsterd and Cadillac Blood, Sad Man's Tongue, Still Counting, I listen to them more than Journey lately.