Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DRAGON CON 2011 Top Ten List

By Linda Robertson

I am completely and utterly contradicting this week’s Word-Whore’s topic of SOLITUDE as I tell you about Dragon Con 2011…which, as anyone who has ever been there can tell you, is the antithesis of solitude.

Here’s a panorama:

dcon2011panorama1 dcon2011panorama2 dcon2011panorama3

Hopefully, those are showing up across your screen. That is one view showing part of two floors of one hotel. There are three floors of activity, plus three dealers rooms, and myriad conference rooms in the bowels of the hotel. Did I mention that there are four hotels, and all the various folks on the streets in between?

Yeah. Dragon Con is packed. Often, movement is reduced to a shuffle. If you’re impatient or prone to panic attacks in crowded spaces: stay away.

However if you’re fine with crowds and dig some costuming overload, you might see stuff like:

aliens  aliens hanging out near fast food zombies  fastfoodzombies 

* yeah, that’s Ronald McDonald, Wendy, and Col. Sanders carrying body parts in their respective food bags and carrying the decapitated head of the Burger King. ROCK ON!!!!!

Creativity reigns at Dragon Con. :-) **sublime grin**

apetrooper Planet of the Apetroopers or Star Apes?


hook and wendy 



Lookout Cap’n Hook and Wendy—Gene Simmons is on your starboard aft and moving fast!






darkknight cowboy  dcon2011spaceballs

The Dark Knight, Cowboys vs. Aliens, and Spaceballs.



Did you even know there were female Predators? Apparently they get some breast-covering fashion ideas from Madonna. Who knew?



Oh no! There goes Tokyo, go go Godzilla!!!!













Gimme a leather Harley Davidson vest and suddenly I have minions.


Fear me.





me and conan 2011 mepirate

Here’s me and the hunky Conan I got pictures with in 2009…he’s still there!!!!


OMG, the things he says in a deep voice as he poses…hubba hubba!


Maybe I’ll get his real name in 2012??


…and me as a pirate wench.




But in the end, nothing was quite as good as coming home.



As always…the TOP TEN THINGS I OVERHEARD at Dragon Con:

10.) I gave you one when we got back to the room last night.

        I gave you one this morning. Now I'm not giving you any more.

9.) I found Jesus. Twice. He's a mean drunk.

8.) I’ve been to space. It’s not that cool.

7.) Don’t make me hit you with my box.

6.) I haven’t signed any boobs all weekend.

5.) I actually don’t mind being ass-raped on parking because the valet is convenient.

4.) SHE: “I have to pee. Do you?”

      HE:   “Eh. I may smack it around a bit.”

3.) I’m honored to have spent the weekend sharing the bed with a fellow Trekkie.

2.) Vampires ONLY sparkle if they just ate a stripper.

1.) Why do you make that sound if you don’t want to be eaten?


  1. ~wipes tears from eyes~

    Your Top 10 are freakin' awesome. 1 & 2 made me truly LOL.

  2. That stormtrooper ape is so awesome! I am sorry I missed him.

  3. That's some pretty intense crowdage - but the fast food zombies alone make it all worth while.