Monday, August 22, 2011

My Favorite Street Corner

by Laura Bickle

My favorite street corner is several hundred miles away from home. It is predictably nerdy and delightful, a wonderful way for a bibliophile to kill a day.

Yep. It's Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon. A city block filled to the brim with books, books, books. Powell's has everything.  It has new books, used books, rare books, out of print books.

My husband and I were there a few years ago to see one of my college friends. My husband was teasing me, trying to get me to imagine what it would look like to have my book on those fantasy shelves in the "B's." He'd point and say: "It's gonna be right there!" I giggled along with him, not very hopeful about my prospects.

We spent all afternoon at the bookstore. He bought a rare Douglas Adams book. I got an out of print copy of  STING: THE ILLUSTRATED LYRICS. We went back to the rare books room, a glassed-in area that's temperature and humidity controlled. I caught my husband ogling a complete works of Shakespeare set on CD. He talked himself out of buying it, since it was a nice, shiny penny. I copied down the information and had it shipped to him as a surprise the next week.

I thought about Powell's every once in awhile, hoping to go back. And wondering if one of my books would be on the shelf.

Just a few months ago, the lovely Jessa Slade saw this in Powell's and sent a photo to me:

I love a good happy ending.


  1. ~makes note to self to go west for the awesomeness of Powells~

    And just how big was your grin when Jessa sent you the pic?

  2. When you go, KAK, also head down the block to Voodoo Donuts: It's absolutely not to be missed!

    It was huuge. I love those little things in life that come full circle. :-)

    Thanks, lynnrush! Powell's is amazing.

  3. That's so wonderful! Recommended, too!!

  4. The Powells branch in Cedar Hills often has authors come & do readings. I think you should put Powells on your schedule so then you can do all things Oregon-wine, beer, coffee, food, beautiful scenery.

  5. Argh..... Why can't we have a store like that over here?

  6. Jebus, that Voodoo Donuts link... add to that Diane's tempting "All Things Oregon"...

    Imma need a bigger pair of lounge pants.

  7. Oooh...maybe someday we all should do a group visit?

  8. I saw Sparks when I was there this spring. I also have a pic, only I tweeted it instead of emailing you. : ) I was very excited to see your beautiful book in that great big store.

  9. Late commenting here, been That kinda week. Gotta love Powell's! I really have to restrain myself, since I live in PDX. Doesn't help that I'm about 3 miles from the Beaverton Store. Not Quite the Downtown store, but close enough to be dangerous.