Wednesday, July 27, 2011


by Linda Robertson

Being a word-whore means having topics thrown at you that you may not be sure what to do with. This is one of those weeks. So I’ll let my sister word-whores wax wise upon the subject. I’m leaping on the easy train.

In pop culture, the idea of assimilation is often associated with the Borg, of Star Trek fame. If you don’t know about the Borg, go to another blog. I don’t have time to explain. If you do, read on.borg

I kinda dig the Borg. Especially Locutus.

Not that I want to be a Borg. I don’t want the cybernetic implants. I know they’re supposed to enhance the human, but cosmetically they’re clunky and the gray skin that goes with them…sheesh. I’m pale already, but that’s just ill-looking. The whole “resistance is futile” catch phrase is extremely pushy and not much in my character.

So what DO I dig about them? They adapt to any situation, to any threat, and I mean right now.

Can I have an extra dose of that, please?

I strive to adapt every day, to be what is needed and expected of me within the parameters of who I am. (Much like Jeffe’s “I like my way best” post.) Sometimes, when a situation I think I have a grip on changes abruptly, I have a trouble shifting gears and adapting to it quickly.

Its not that i seek social acceptance. (Hello! Trekkie here.) I’m more comfortable outside the social idea of ‘normal.’ Its more a competency thing. To be valid and capable to survive each day and meet or surpass the needs of my family and friends. As a mom, assimilation means survival for all on so many levels.

Hive mind as family unit doesn’t seem so bad on the surface…until the Borg greed issue comes into play.

Looking out for your own. Stepping up for it. Working for it. Protecting it. Fighting for it. All good.

I’ll pass on the aggressively taking over of other worlds. My family is more than enough for me.


  1. I've always looked at the Borg as a sort of zombies, and zombies should be fought!
    I think it's dangerous to have a hive mind, one should always think for oneself and come to your own conclusions on things. And if you and others agree on something that's good, but you shouldn't think something just because everyone else is thinking it.

  2. I agree you should own your own mind. Believing something is true just because others do is VERY dangerous. By "Hive mind as family unit" I mean everyone being aware of the other family members, knowing what they need (not necessarily the same thing as what they want) and fulfilling those needs to the best of your ability. It may be help with homework, it may be spending more/less time together, it may be tough love. It's understanding and cooperation toward a common goal. I encourage my kids to think for themselves and have their own opinions. :-D

  3. Sullivan - you *will* be assimilated!

    And you're welcome, Linda. ;-)

  4. That's one of the reoccurring plot lines of the Borg episodes that I loved -- the circular argument of adaptation vs assimilation.

    Anyone else waiting for The Cloud to become the Shared Cloud which sounds remarkably like the Borg data nexus? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  5. @Linda: You have a point there, although I think you should always be careful with though love.