Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shall I expose myself?

By Linda Robertson

Hmmm…  **taps finger on chin while deciding** 

“Exposure” often implies vulnerability so this is an important decision. A big decision. To expose or not to expose. A little or a lot?

But even a small decision for a little exposure can pack a heck of a lot of power. For example: Should I wear the white undies today, the blue ones, or should I just go commando?

Seems almost insignificant, huh? But the choice you make reveals something, and yes—ahem—going commando has the potential to reveal way more than the other options. (Pun not intended but was unavoidable nonetheless.) You may think steppin’ out without your undergarments won’t make any difference unless you get caught, but I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YOU TO TRY IT.

You see, KNOWING you’re going commando has an impact on you. Maybe you just can’t do it. Maybe you can. If you do, though you’re the only one who knows it, doing it tells you something about yourself. It denotes boldness. It confirms a bit of brazenness. This is, I think, especially true if you’re a chick, and are wearing a skirt. (No, I don’t mean an obscenely short one either.) The first time, you may find you feel more timid in general, afraid of every little gust of wind…you might berate yourself mercilessly and take out a pair of knickers you hid in your purse and put them on…or you may just find you feel like you’re a very daring soul.

Taking a risk, pushing yourself, is daring…and that’s not so vulnerable after all, is it?

Do you get the point?

If you find yourself commando-ing it and living at the “I feel daring” stage, amp up the stakes…in the middle of some social event, slyly tell your significant other that you’re “sans panties” and see if their face doesn’t light up with wicked joy. Then the two of you have a secret that puts a whole new spin on that boring old **insert type of event here; grad party/wedding/awards banquet etc***. There’s a sense of exposure in the confession, even if your lover never tries to sneak a peek or cop a feel. (**yeah, right…**)

So go on. Expose yourself to a braver you. I dare ya.



  1. Wheeeeeee! Feel the breeze! ~butt wiggle~

  2. And an adventure is born - in the simple choice of what - or what not - to wear.