Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Release Day: Enemy Games

by KAK

Today, the sequel to Marcella Burnard’s Award-Winning Bestseller Enemy Within hits the shelves. Enemy Games is a Sci-Fi romance replete with intergalactic empires, kick-ass scientists, and enticing spy masters.

Today is all about the velvet pimp suit.

Allow me to introduce this mighty fine brunette who’ll show you a good time for a few hours. She’ll make your heart pound and send your blood diving below the belt. She’ll do it in public or private. You can share her when you’re done, but do a girl a favor and bring along some her friends.

All that and more is promised in one flirtatious come-hither image.

The book cover.

Whether it's today's gripping release or tomorrow's, I'm as much john as pimp. I'm all about sizing up the competition and sampling the wares. I do it every time I browse a bookstore. All those glossy spines shimmering on the shelves bring to mind a stroll down red-lit streets in Amsterdam. A flash of toned leg. A peek of bared shoulder. A hint. A tease. A lure to make you stop and take a closer look.

Lawd help me, there’s full frontal too.

Oh, I stop. I stop and I chat her up. “No clinch for you, love? Are you certain you’re a romance?” The buxom babe plays coy, so I pick her up. “Are you too driven to tangle with a muscular man or are you too fickle to pick just one, dear?” “Do you even know for which team you’re playing?”

Time to check out the backside

Is there a mention of a him, a them? Does the ink on the back have anything to do with the image on the front? Will it be a night of “I, I, I” and “Me, Me, Me”? Am I buying a “He and She” or a “She and She”? Will we spend our time together in Vatican Catacombs or the Ninth Moon of Andromeda? There are times when I have to peek inside the dressing to make sure what’s advertised is what’s sold.

Book Covers = Wicked Teases

With my copy of Enemy Games in hand, the burning question (not requiring antibiotics) is whether Burnard’s blondes have more fun than her brunettes. 


  1. Looks like the brunette wins in the buxom department, too! Definitely hot gals in this galaxy, too. And the mens... *sighs lustily*

  2. My copy is still somewhere in the mail system! So impatient to read it. Hurry up mailpersons!!

  3. Saucy! Love the take-charge woman who's in control of her own destiny...or galaxy!

  4. Loved the first book, can't wait to read the new one. Ordering my copy soon. I'd Kindle it, but want to share this one with my Viking.

  5. I can't wait to see if Marcella's adventures at sea make their way into the Enemy series...

  6. OMG! This is great! Thank you! And I think I can say that the brunette thinks she doesn't have as much fun, but there's this really determined guy who'd like to prove her wrong...