Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Dispatch from the Field

I stayed up too lat last night, sitting in the bar with Allison, Jeffe, Diana Fox, Danielle Poiesz and Boyd Morrison. What? We laughed like mad. It was good therapy. Until the alarm clock went off at seven thirty this morning. Thursday has been busy. First, there was the search for a breakfast that didn't cost thirty dollars. Then, I went to Club RT, were I sat at a table with a few other writers and chatted with readers who got to come through in a sort of author speed dating fashion. Did I mention that at eight am my cellphone went off? Text message from the DH, and I quote, "It's f&$@ing snowing. Just thought you should know." Yeah. It's not snowing here... Anyhoo. Club RT. Single coolest thing to happen, besides the fact that people actually wanted to see my books and then maybe win them in the raffle, was a lady who asked me to sign her copy of Enemy Within - which she'd brought from Thailand. Okay. That's over and above. :)

Fairy Court Ball tonight. Might be time to sneak a nap...must be getting old.

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