Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Slutty Shoes & Boots

Happy Hump Day! If you, dear blog reader, have read my books you will know that my main character Persephone (Seph) is no fan of impractical shoes. The vampire Menessos, however, (as the series has progressed) has taken the liberty of making her his personal dress up doll on occasion. He has little use for footwear practicality when it is not his own feet in the shoes, and he wants only to make Seph look sexy.boots3

There’s a little story I’d like to tell you about the cover of FATAL CIRCLE, the third of the series. I know, many authors say they have no say in the covers. I’ve always been asked about the covers. Sometimes my input is taken to heart. (BTW, I love all my covers. Don Sipley is a kick ass artist!!!!) Anyway, back to my story. When asked about the cover, I responded and included this pic of the boots that I had researched and decided Menessos was having Seph wear during a certain scene.  

Those are bad-ass shoes.

Admittedly, not shoes I could wear. I’d probably break my neck trying to walk around in those. Now, here’s the cover:


See ‘em right between the A and L of FATAL? I am told that the cover artist’s studio is close to a gothic clothing store and they had the exact boots in stock in the model’s size and he was able to borrow them for his photo shoot. How freaking cool is that?


Now…a rockin’ little song about the reason for cool shoes…lookin’ & feelin’ sexy!



  1. I *love* that you got to have the exact boots you pictured on the cover! It's great to hear a lucky cover story for once. FAB!

  2. Yeah, Jeffe. I was giddy. In teh scene she's wearing all red, and the cover she's not, but the boots sold it for me!

  3. I have massive boot envy. And I love that you got a say in your cover. *cough*

  4. Dunno if it's a "say" as much as merely offering a visual that wasn't snubbed. I'd like to think that my stint as a Graphic Artist helps me make good suggestions, but really...that's a hallucination.

  5. I love those boots! Laces make thigh-highs more likely to stay up -- 'cause really, the whole elephant ankles thing just isn't sexy.

  6. That cover is hot, Linda. Personally, if I were made to wear boots that smexy, I'd use them to rearrange the vampire's anatomy. Just me. :D

  7. Voodoo Bride loves the shoes.

    And I got Arcane Circle in the mail today!! And signed even! you rock! Thanks so much! Now I wish that Hallowed Circle and Fatal Circle would get delivered soon (ordered Hallowed Circle two weeks ago, lazy mailmen!) so I can continue reading.