Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Release Day: Rogue Oracle


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The Muse. Fickle deity or scapegoat? Really, it’s like having a love-loathe relationship with accountability -- a relationship that means bupkis on days like today. 

Gasp.     Shriek.     The Blasphemy.

“Oh no she di-ient.”
“Shoowee, thassa some disrespect right thut thar.”
“Gurrl ain’t neva gonna see her muse again.”

Please, pluck the panties out of your crack.

I assure you my muse and I are doing the exact same thing today. We have a hot date with a Tarot-reading criminal profiler, a smexy G-man, and some Chernobyl blowback. Wha? I likes ‘em mystical, mysterious, and messy.

Today, my nutter-butters, is RELEASE DAY for ROGUE ORACLE by Alayna Willams! Oh, don’t let the purple eyeliner fool you, Alayna is none other than our beloved Monday Mariposa Laura Bickle. ROGUE ORACLE is the second book in her Delphic Oracle series. 

Uh-hunh. Oh yeah. Watch a sloth do a chair dance.

Yes, yes, cast your covetous gaze at the gal next to you on the Metro who is utterly engrossed in the first book, DARK ORACLE. We both know what happens after the garbled station announcement. There will be a sniff, a smirk, and a sashay out the mass-transit doors and straight to your local bookseller. You will seize ROUGE ORACLE and promptly proceed to read it at your desk… in front of that annoying mouth-breather in desperate need of a Tic-Tac.

Go. Go, go. I don’t want to keep you from devouring a spectacular Urban Fantasy laced with Cold War spy-tasticness.

No, really. Go. I have a book to read…and Muse to introduce to the Tower card.

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  1. It would be terribly amusing if "Rouge Oracle" is the third book. Loving this book - creepy Chernobyl guy... eyew...

  2. Thank you SOOOO much for the shout-out, KAK!

    *BIG HUGS*

    I am spending my release day at work...just snuck out to check the interwebs and celebrate with candy from the vending machine! :-D

  3. bwahaha, leave it Jeffe to find my Rouge Rogue.

    Alayna, you know I love being the Pimping Whore!

  4. Happy Release Day Laura!

    I myself went on a book buying spree today and as I already have Rogue Oracle and 3 of the other suggestions I bought Vicious Circle!

  5. Yay, McPig! Your human will be extremely pleased by your choices.

  6. Yay, Sullivan!

    And thanks, KAK, for being The Pimp! ;-)

  7. KAK - I do love to see you in your purple suit. And I definitely need to do some book buying. Tonight seems like a good night for that. Hope the encounter with the Tower went well.

  8. KAK is a most excellent pimp. I think that there will be an ode to my pimp post coming up soon... ;-)

    I'm envisioning the lovely KAK in a crushed velvet number like this: http://www.buycostumes.com/Pimp-Purple-Crushed-Velvet-Adult-Costume/17251/ProductDetail.aspx

  9. Er. KAK - with that Tower card? Make danged sure you're clear on who that is getting pitched off the top, k?

    YAY, Laura!!! Get this queued up on the Kindle, ready to go! :D

  10. Thanks, gals! I appreciate all the support. :-)

  11. That outfit would look fab with KAK's red hair, too.

  12. I am allllll over that purple velvet costume. Hell, I've the shoes both in platform and peep-toe.

    ~clicks to add to cart~

  13. I wanted to stop by yesterday, but everything was just completely crazy. Congrats Laura! Wishing you the best with this book!

    @KAK - Have I mentioned that you're completely full of pimpage win?

  14. Thanks, folks. :-) Y'all are the best!